The Past, Present and Future

IT Case Study: One of Australia's top Antiques dealers with over 30-years of excellence gets the technology upgrade they deserve.

The Situation

Chilton’s Antiques was first established in 1986 with one woman’s vision to create a store like no other. Her vision was to have the best selection of antique jewellery & to be the leading specialist in the field.

Today we have continued this vision by sourcing some of the best antique & vintage jewellery from around the world. At Chilton’s, we sell a range of both new, antique & vintage estate pieces. All our pieces are chosen for their style, craftsmanship & their quality. We delight in bringing rare & unusual pieces from around the world to our clients.

At Chilton’s, we see ourselves as curators of the past.

Until engaging Systems Up Group, Chiltons Antiques was operating with old Desktops running Windows 7 and an old version of Tower POS System, unreliable IT infrastructure. NBN & Network failures were frequent, and staff were becoming increasingly frustrated with regular system downtime.

Client:  Chilton’s Antiques

Services: Lenovo, Office365, VPN & NBN

Industry:  Retail

The Challenge

One of the most frustrating things for the business was the poor performance of its infrastructure and NBN Internet which was getting on in age and would fail constantly.

The business was also grappling with a disparate infrastructure upgrade. While they hadn’t invested in solutions for some time, there was a lack of overall integration – meaning it was difficult for the business’ owners to get overarching insights, and to make fast or accurate decisions.

The POS & Back of House Software was also over 12 years old.

The Solution

Realising an IT upgrade was required, Chilton’s Antiques approached the Systems Up Group to examine their current technology and to provide an initial direction of their Technology Upgrade. Chilton’s Antiques has been a customer of Systems Up Group for over 15 years and were very impressed with the company’s professionalism and high-quality system engineers.

Systems Up Group helped Chiltons Antiques to define their needs, provided a roadmap for their IT upgrade and then helped the business migrate to a new, POS Systems with Tower System and with managed services across their environment. Now, every element of Chiltons antique technology is managed off-site, in the cloud, and the business upgraded to Microsoft Office 365.

Chilton’s Antiques also decided to upgrade their website at the same time to meet the latest technology in Websites with a new On-Line store linked to their Tower POS system

The Results

Systems Up Provided Chiltons Antiques With the latest Lenovo Desktops and 27 Inch Screens.

We also engaged someone to revamp their new website and to also link it to there new POS Tower System for easy online shopping and stock control

The Managing Director can also work from home and look at data from the day sales and web site traffic with a VPN link back to the office.

Systems Up Group also manages all of Chiltons Antiques ongoing IT support, which has saved the business huge amounts of time and effort. If an employee has an IT-related problem, they simply log a ticket with the online system and the issue is quickly and effectively resolved.

We also upgraded Chiltons Antiques to Office 365 and hosted Exchange Emails.

“With Systems Up Group, we have finally found a partner who can lead us in the right technology direction and give us the performance we need. We are a family-owned and -operated business that is now future-proof and ready for the 21st century.”

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