Obsolete Technology is a thing of the past for Borger Cranes.

IT Case Study: Infrastructure upgrade for one of Australia's most trusted Mobile Crane Hire Companies.

The Situation

Borger Crane Hire and Rigging Services is a family owned and operated crane hire and rigging business, established in 1980 by Jon Borger.

Based in Western Sydney at Glendenning, Borger Cranes services the whole NSW East Coast.

The business has grown from one crane to a fleet of 40 cranes with more purchases and units in the pipeline.

Borger Cranes are looking to the future with all levels of construction projects in their sights. Borger’s latest acquisition of a 500-ton Liebherr crane is taking their capacity of crane hire to a whole new dimension, providing customers with a new level of lifting capability for planning future projects.

With our vast experience and first-class equipment, our customers can be assured with the peace of mind that their lift can be conducted safely and efficiently.

Until engaging SystemsUP Group, Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services were operating with outdated desktops still running Windows 7 and a server that was running Linux. This aging and unreliable IT infrastructure could no longer accommodate the demands of this growing company.

Their phone system was also hosted inhouse with a VPN sharing data between sites.  This meant that if Head Office communications went down, so did data and email communications across all sites.

Client:  Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services

Services:  Microsoft Surface Pro, Office 365, Ubiquiti, Dell

Industry:  Construction

Surface Pro 7


One of the most frustrating things for the business was the poor performance of its aging infrastructure with regular system failures.

Their outdated hardware including Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Switches and Phone System, all of which required an urgent upgrade to streamline their system processes and increase productivity to meet their growing needs well into the future.


Realising an IT upgrade was required, Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services approached SystemsUP Group to audit their current Technology and to provide an initial direction for their Technology Upgrade. Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services were highly recommended through one of our valued clients, Active Crane Hire who SystemsUP Group have been working with in excess of 7 years.

SystemsUP Group assisted Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services to define their needs by providing a roadmap for their IT upgrade.  We sourced the appropriate equipment to meet their specific needs & migrated them over to their new Microsoft Services as well as a hosted 3CX Phone System. We decommissioned their current Linux Server and transferred all data across to SharePoint online with Managed Services across their environment. With the business upgraded to Microsoft Office 365, every element of Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services Technology can now be managed securely, off-site, in the cloud.

Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services are now in the process of upgrading their Internet Connection to a new fibre 1000 connection and we are commissioning new managed switches and routers to help with the upgrade of their current 100/100 Fibre.  This transition will significantly increase their internet speed & staff productivity accordingly.  We are currently also procuring a suitable 4G Backup solution in case of internet failure.


SystemsUP Group outfitted Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services with the latest Microsoft Surface 7 Pro with docking stations for each desk and with 2 x 27 Inch Monitors allowing staff to transition from desk to desk.

With the implementation of their new cloud based 3CX Phone System, they now have a far less expensive and far more interactive system.  Through Unified Communications (UC) features, this software-based Phone System can integrate and enable various communication methods within the business. Phone calls, video conferencing, SMS, email and Live Chat can be connected for users to share and access data all from one centralised location, in real-time.  Ongoing management of the system is also very simple, anything from setting up multiple extensions to adding users can all be done remotely by administration.

We are currently in the process of upgrading Borger Cranes server room hardware at both the Glendenning & Newcastle sites and we look forward to progressing with them into the future for many years to come. 

SystemsUP Group continues to manage Borger Crane Hire & Rigging Services ongoing IT Support, saving the business time and effort that can be better spent on their own client’s needs.

If an employee has an IT-related problem, they simply log a ticket through our online system and the issue is quickly and effectively resolved.

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